Soluções em tampa com fabricação no Brasil
para fechamento de bebidas carbonatadas e sem gás

P5580 P5580

America Tampas brought to Brazil closure design P5580, a product that is a "1 piece" concept. Created by a team of specialists from GCS, this is a leading closure in the carbonated drink industry and is already widely marketed in various parts of the world. It is now produced in Brazil by America Tampas.

The P5580 closure, which is manufactured from a specific formulation of a polyethylene resin (HDPE), is low weight and has no seal. That’s why it is named the "1 piece" closure. The sealing is done through three different sealing points, thus guaranteeing excellent CO2 retention. The P5580 was designed for the 1881 bottleneck and can be used in the carbonated or non-carbonated beverage markets. Laser printing allows for internal decoration, including the use of promotional codes.

Since it is truly a lightweight closure and because it is made of only one material (HDPE), the P5580 cap is synonymous with sustainability in the beverage market.

Polyguard Polyguard

The 'PolyGuard' (PG) cap, patented and produced internationally by AMERICA TAMPAS, is considered by the global beverage industry as the best technical solution to ensure the sealing and the evidence of tampering of packaging ('tamper-evident').

Suitable for the most diverse types of bottlenecks, the model manufactured in Brazil, the PG283 is compatible with PET packaging with BPF finish, PCO 1810 and 1816, in addition to the glass bottlenecks MCA 1, MCA 2, and MCA 3.

The PG283 closure is manufactured from a specific polypropylene material that provides high mechanical resistance to impact and reduced opening torque of the closure.

The cap is provided with a floating internal seal ('liner'), made of non-toxic material (EVA), which ensures perfect contact between the cap and the bottleneck surface and thus the best seal. With these characteristics, the PG283 cap is especially suitable for packaging used in the soft drink, mineral water, juice, and tea markets.

Advantages and benefits of the PG283 closure:

  • Inviolability: Safety
  • Ease of Application: Productivity of the filling / closing process
  • Reduced opening torque: Easy opening
  • Sealability: ‘Shelf-Life’
  • Internal and external printing: Medium for promotions and marketing

In addition to the carbonated beverage model (PG283), we also manufacture the PG183 LL model for the non-carbonated beverage market, such as natural mineral water, juices, and alcoholic beverages. PG183LL has an efficient sealing system suitable for this type of product, which dispenses through the use of EVA seals, which translates into saving materials and saving costs for the customer.

Compact Guard Compact Guard

The CompactGuard (CG) cap was specially developed to meet the new trend of shorter finishes (bottlenecks) for the beverage market such as soft drinks, water, and juices.

The product was developed to meet the characteristics of the 1881 PET bottleneck with the same outstanding characteristics of PolyGuard's success, such as the “tamper-evident” seal and the floating seal.

América Tampas also offers caps for the beverage market, other models for the most diverse types of bottlenecks, whether for wider or narrower bottlenecks, with or without seals, for carbonated or non-carbonated products. Since we have a partnership with GCS, América Tampas is the only manufacturer in South America to have the most varied ranges of products and solutions for the beverage market from a single technological source.

Compact Guard
Orange Orange

The Orange cap is the newest generation of sports caps aimed at water, isotonic, and other beverage markets. As an alternative to push-pull caps, this cap can be used in the most diverse bottlenecks. Produced to the most rigorous quality standards, SportGuard has the following attributes: double anti-tamper strip that ensures the integrity of the product and packaging; cap (flip-top) ergonomically designed for easy opening and closing; opening of the closure up to 180º of the nozzle and the sealing system that eliminates the aluminum seal for hot filling systems.

In the version launched in partnership with Coca-Cola for the Powerade product, Orange received the Packaging award as a reference in innovation and quality, the cap still has a flow control valve. Dubbed the Power Cap, this plastic closure is synonymous with innovation, sophistication, and uniqueness.